Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calling all cards! Calling all cards!

I recently decided (unilaterally) that I may start dipping my toe back into the collecting world. As though in the know are aware, things are in a sort of an upheaval in our household, but we are optimistic the economy and job market will turn around soon.

In the meantime, the mad dash to eliminate my massive backlog of 70s and 80s toys is underway on eBay, as well as the thinning of my bloated media collection (i.e., DVDs, CDs, textbooks, books, video games, etc.) via Amazon. Next on the block would supposedly be the 3 foot by 5 foot by 8 foot (that’s 120 cubic feet kids) mountain of baseball cards barricaded in the family room closet.

From a philosophical perspective, I don’t think I could sell the cards. If times got tough, I’m sure I could auction them, or play games with Bad Wax on Craigslist, but while times are decent, I think I could trade them. That being said, I think it is time to thin my inventory by trading for new(er) cards.

When I was a kid, I began collecting the 75 Topps set because it was my birth year. Now with two kids, I think it would be fun to collect their birth years 2007 and 2008. To pass muster with the Mrs., the household rule is to reduce quantity in exchange for quality. Also, I have a firm limit on the number of cards allowed in the house (i.e., no more than are already there), which is why my office has various packs bought and given to me, ahem, Plungerhoo, since we were married.

Well, I’d think that reducing my inventory in exchange for cards meant for our young kids should fit the quantity/quality rule. I am reducing quantity in exchange for quality sets for the kids.
So, I guess you could say I’m officially on the market for trades. If interested, drop a line and I’ll check out your lists.

I’m looking for 07 and 08 Topps base set only. No inserts, no variations, just plain old base cards.

Current haves:
2008 – Nothing!
2007 – 1, 15, 56, 127, 201, 218, 234, 238, 254, 325, 326

Disclaimer: It will likely take me a while to find your wants, so please no one send me anything in the mail until I mail you something. As for trades, details can be discussed over email, and as a heads up, I don’t care for price guides. When it feels right, it is right. Also, if you don’t already have a blog or are “known”, I’m not interested. Sorry, but I don’t want to get ripped.

PS - I'm surprised no one even touched the Topps Pack Prices blog. Too much tinfoil hat I guess.


Captain Canuck said...

I'm always open for trade. My wantlists aren't very up to date, but email works just fine.

Good luck!

night owl said...

I'd be happy to send any 2007/08 Topps that I have your way for minimal in return. Let me know when you're ready to roll.

BrerSkwerl said...

I know, I'm a bad influence... ;) (I get told that at least once a week these days...)

gcrl said...

i can also send 07 and 08 base for minimal dodger returns!

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