Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 81 Donruss Enigma

Since I began inventorying all of my cards, I’ve started to pay attention to what is in the background on each card. Like my last post on Mario Ramirez and the incredibly shrinking Sid Monge, I noticed that 1981 Donruss has an interesting quirk.

Either Donruss was headquartered in Chicago, or they had zero budget to send their apparently sole photographer to games other than those played at Comiskey and Wrigley. Let’s do a little statistical case study…

I grabbed a random stack of 81 Donruss, and it turned out to be 56 cards. Thirty-three of the cards are of National League players and 23 are of American Leaguers. Of all 56 players, there are three White Sox and zero Cubs. Also, of those 56, all but 3 are in their road uniforms. Those not in their road unis? White Sox.

So, judging by backgrounds, 30 of the 33 NLers are at Wrigley, with the remaining three in non-descript dugouts. Of the 23 ALers, all 23 are at Comiskey.

I’m sure there has to be some card photography in this set that was not taken at Wrigley or Comiskey, but so far, I haven’t found any!






BrerSkwerl said...

I definitely see lots of ivy on the outfield wall in those 3... That's the year/manufacturer that I actually collected baseball cards, and it's the year I have the Henderson card, just so ya know... I'll do my own "Ivy analysis", to try and lend support to your observations, it'll make me break out my old box/notebook... Now, really, though, you've got me curious to see if I randomly have any one of those 3 players you (randomly?) pictured above...

zman40 said...

I love this set and am trying to get 100 cards from it signed. But you are right about all of the Chicago shots. Supposedly, there are a few shots from Milwaukee as well. I know that there is even one card where the photo was taken in Toronto, which is strange for the set.

He is another post about the set from Wrigley Wax:

Paul P said...

That is one crazy leg pull by Vida! Wow!

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