Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Collectors - Get on My Trade Radar!

Since entering the card blogosphere, I have successfully completed one trade with Night Owl, which was my first trade in over 20 years. It was a pleasant experience that I will write about in the future.

In the meantime, I need help identifying future trade partners. Perhaps I am doing this backwards, but if I know someone is watching/reading and I know what they want, then it is easier for me to cull my collection to help them complete theirs. I visit many sites daily, yet, I don't always hit the want lists. I guess I'm more of a "have list" kind of guy.

So, if you're interested in trades, drop a comment and let me know what you are interested in:

1. Sets (Make, Type and Year)
2. Players
3. Teams

I have a guesstimate of around 250,000 cards from the 50s until around 2000. I have lots of oddball cards, and plenty of mainstream. If anything, just help me out by getting yourself on my radar.

So far, the following collectors have been interested...

1. Night Owl - Dodgers & Ron Cey
2. GCRL - Dodgers
3. Collective Troll - Rays
4. Captain Canuck - ???

Currently, I am working on 07 and 08 Topps for my kids, but I'll never turn down a card from 1972 and before (yeah, I won't hold my breath!).

Thanks for helping me out!


MattR said...

My want lists are on my blogs (Project Baseball 1976 and A Giant Blog).

For my main collection, I'm mostly interested in singles from 1973 and before. The sets I'm currently working on are 1973, 1971, 1969, 1966, and 1960.

For my Giants team sets, I'm mostly looking for 1974 and earlier. I'm also looking for some stuff from the era when I took my vacation from collecting (1993-2008).

Thanks :)


Stormy said...

I'm attempting to collect every Topps Mets card. I'm good from the mid-70's through 2008. I'll compile my lists soon.

My collecting days are pretty much like most others; early 80's to the late 80's. I pick up some random packs here & there, but the majority of my cards are from the 80's. I'm not sure how much help I will be. :(


Collective Troll said...

Hey! Glad I am on the list already! I do have a bunch of 2007 and 2008 Topps to trade to you. I also collect 2007-2009 Topps Heritage and any player who played in the Negro Leagues. Currently I am chasing Luke Easter, Sam Jethroe and George Crowe most aggressively, but I will move on to more soon! Great idea!

Captain Canuck said...

my wantlist has a link posted on my blog... as for surprises, i love the Braves / Cowboys for modern stuff... any baseball/football/hockey from before 1980...

and shoot me your address ... I've got 2007 Topps for you.

night owl said...

Oh, I've started you down a one-way road to addiction ...

Brian said...

Texas Rangers are my preferred card flavor. Thank you!

Rod said...

I collect signed cards of players pictured in Padres uniforms, players from Oregon, President Eisenhower.and a few other oddball things.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot of cards anymore, but I have some doubles of 55 cards from the 1982 set I'd be willing to trade for something ....something old or weird. Preferably both old and weird. I also have a pack of 1985 cards laying around that I don't know what to do with.

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