Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Night of Firsts and Lasts

I get to take my son to his first hockey game tonight. Well, he's been to one before, but he was only a few months old, slept through the entire game and was strapped to my wife in a sling.

So, tonight is an exciting night for me. I can't wait to see his face when someone scores. Wait, make that IF someone scores because we are watching the Canes host the Leafs. That's right, the two (by far) worst teams in the NHL right now.

They are tied for dead last in points with a grand total of 11 over 19 games for the Leafs and 20 games from the Canes. I guess that makes the Canes the worst team, since their PTS/G is lower.

In another perspective, the combined points of these two is 22, which is LESS than 16 other teams, or more than half the league. Heck, the entire Atlantic Division has more points than the Leafs and Canes combined.To make it more unbearable, Staal and Ward are injured.

I think I'll have more fun watching my son than the game.

Oh yeah, posted more info on the 1,000,000 Cards for Kids blog. Check it out! Now! Do it!


Captain Canuck said...

not sure how old the little one is, but get him a hot dog and a foam finger and have a blast.
Hockey is the best sport to watch live... even the Leafs...

BrerSkwerl said...

Now I know what you were talking about when you asked me if I'd read any blogs... ;) Sorry that I'm so dense! I'm glad y'all (all) got to go, I definitely enjoyed it!

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