Thursday, December 10, 2009

Custom Card for GCRL

I made this custom card for Garvey-Cey-Russell-Lopes (GCRL) a few months back.  I was looking at some 1977 Topps Rookie quad cards and got the idea it would be neat to feautre the great 70s and early 80s Dodger infield on one card.  Being a life long Padres fan, I have always had a sweet spot for Garvey and was always a fan of Cey.

GCRL on Cardboard! 

As a complete aside, my best friend is a die hard Cubs fan.  So much so that he will forgo the playoffs if the Cubs aren't involved.  Anyways, whenever he starts giving me a hard time, I will say one word "Garvey."  This will usually set him off, and then I'll have to remind him how the Padres organization used to have the number 6 on their second outfield wall, which was the place where Garvey's NLCS Game 4 winning homer landed, thus forcing a deciding Game 5.

If you blow up the picture, you can faintly see the #6 to the left of the 370 mark in RF.

This gets him even more riled up, until I deal the death blow and mention Leon Durham's Game 5 through the wickets error that ended up giving the Padres the lead and eventual NLCS win.  For some reason Durham never got as much heat as Buckner did for his error.
To rub it in even further, I was with him at a bar when the Bartman incident occured back in 2003.  Needless to say I was rooting for the Fish.  I never mention this one because it's like twisting the knife already in his back.


gcrl said...

i am really glad i am not a cubs fan.

Collective Troll said...

That is a really sweet custom!! Hey, just saw your comment on my blog. Sorry I didn't write-didn't know yer email. I did get the Bulls cards, etc, and they are AWESOME!!! I love minor league cards, thanks SO much!

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