Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trading Block - 1992 Denny's Grand Slam Holograms

My Take: I received these cards on our annual road trip from California to Indiana and back in the Summer of '92.  My parents obliged my obsession with baseball cards, and stopped for lunch 6 times at Denny's, where of course I had to order a Grand Slam.  These cards were picked up in: Kingman, AZ; Gallup, NM; Tucamcari, NM; Amarillo, TX; Miami, OK; and Rolla, MO.

HOFers: None

Notables: McGriff and Belle

Closes: December 30, 2009

For Trade:
#3 McGriff (Padres), #6 Belle (Indians), #7 Bream (Braves), #12 Polonia (Angels); #13 Fielder (Tigers); and #16 Johnson (Mets)

Special Requests:
Braves - #7 Bream


As always, all unclaimed cards are going to my 1,000,000 Cards for Kids side project, and I can hold your claims until you get enough ammo for a trade.

Remember, first come, first served in the comment box.


night owl said...

Alas, no Dodgers. I'll take McGriff and Johnson.

Captain Canuck said...

I'd like Mr Bream !

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