Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trading Block – Change of Tactics

Over my vacation, I did some thinking about the way I was making cards available for trade to others.  When I started this reverse trade posting venture, I thought it would be a good way to get more trading partners and quickly reduce my inventory.  While it has opened up a few new traders, it definitely has not been a quick way to reduce what I have.

For starters, I had no idea how much time it would take to catalog and then list the cards I have available for trade.  I’ve been collecting for 30 years, and save for when my cards were organized by team, wrapped in a rubber band and kept in a Pumas shoebox; I have never been able to organize my collection.  Now, as I am purging my collection for trades and donations, it seems idiotic to actually “organize” my cards just as they are moving on to new homes.  I mean, it takes a lot of time to list cards out by number, team, player, etc., so I’m shaking it up so I can get back to actually posting about cards, cards that never were and baseball.  For goodness sakes, I have about 60 posts planned out, but have been lost in a spreadsheet cataloging process.

But, never fear, all claimed cards are going to their intended destinations, and having identified several trade partners (which is probably about all I can truly handle), you lucky few are going to bear the fruits of my lack of organization and limited time.  While you have been claiming cards on the trading block posts, I have been secretly squirreling cards into your pile that never made it on the blog.  I actually found this quite enjoyable, and you know what?  It made it really easy and quick to thin the cards out.

So, here’s a rundown on what I’m putting aside for you…

GCRL – Dodgers*, Plays at 2nd base, and Dodger Stadium cards.
Night Owl – Dodgers* and night games.
Cpt. Canuck – Braves, Football and Hockey.
WSC – White Sox and Baines.
Dan – stickers, stickers and more stickers.
Wicked Ortega – Marlins
Troll – Rays and Tarta-trolls
MattR – Giants
EDS – Assorted Brew Crews

*Note on GCRL and NO, I will try and keep you guys even and not favor the other.  Such nicety to Dodger fans from a Padres fan.

I will keep the cards available for trade up on the right navbar until the time expires, and maybe I will find time to post some more if I think they are worthy candidates.  One day it should list all the 60s, 70s and 80s goodies I have available for trade (but no expiration date).

If you want me to check out your want-lists, leave a comment, and I will go through yours every time I drop cards in the donation box.

Doc T


Play at the Plate said...

I had asked for Rangers at one point.....I think. Did I mess up? That wouldn't be unheard of.

Rod said...

Hey Doc, what Padres stuff are you looking for. I have lots and am looking for some others that I need. how about a Padres for Padres trade.

Doc said...

Play at the Plate - sent you an email.

Rod - I'll let you know what Padres I need when I start pulling them from the boxes. Keep in touch and we will iron something out.

Captain Canuck said...

*in my best Donald Duck voice* Oh boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Collective Troll said...

Thanks!!! I am really wondering what a tarta-troll is, if it exists, I want it!!! Are you working on sets from the 60's? I am trying to put all of them together, but I am about 400 cards short on each year... I love your million cards for kids idea. I have long been donating to childrens hospitals. This year on Christmas Eve I went to All Childrens Hospital in St Pete Florida with all of my Rays doubles. I put together 33 packs (team set bags) with around 25 cards in each. I made sure each one had either Longoria, Crawford or Pena and stocked them will all of my Rays doubles. Every kid (who wanted them) got a pack and a few who were really interested got a second visit. One boy who was really into it is celebrating his 9th birthday at the end of January and he really likes Longoria and collecting-I got him a binder and 50 pages and am stocking it with cards to bring him on his b-day. Cheers!

gcrl said...

thanks doc. i do appreciate the nicety from a padres fan. in fact, between you and rod i get a lot of 'nicety' from padres fans.

Dan said...

thanks doc...i would also be much obliged if you include philadelphia sports figures in our trade(s)(well, i guess phillies would be a more accurate description). let me know when things go down.

Tom said...

Good luck with that. Hope it serves you well.

Don said...

Doc, I have some pre-71s for trade and some cards I can donate to your 1,000,000 card project.

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