Monday, February 8, 2010

BBCR History: 1981 Topps - The Charlie Leibrandt Incident

What:  1981 Topps – #126 Charlie Leibrandt – Cincinnati Reds
When:  Sometime in 1981
Where:  Second floor of 4024 Risa Court, Tierrasanta, CA

As my three older sisters and older brother will attest, I was a holy terror from the ages of 3 to 6.  In one instance, I ran out the front door while my sister E was babysitting.  She was on the phone at the time, saw me run out the door, chased me and slammed her foot into a steamer trunk, thus breaking her toe.  The said steamer trunk was for a trip to England I believe, so I was the culprit in sending a teenage girl on a once in a lifetime trip with a broken bone.

In another incident, I fancied myself as Indiana Jones.  I donned my best corduroys and vest, put on my holster and cap pistol, affixed my plastic Bowie knife to my belt and adorned my new found whip.  A whip that was incidentally my mother’s clothes line, which I had cut down.  I strutted around our cul-de-sac, acting the part, waiting for an adventure.  Soon enough, an older kid came by and gave me the business.  I pulled my whip out, reared back and SNAP, popped the kid right in the forehead.  He went home crying, and with no doubt, I was crying a few hours later.

Now that you get a feel for the terror I was as a child, I unfortunately did not hold back on my older brother, J.  On one day in 1981, something transpired between my brother and me.  I believe it had something to do with me going through his baseball cards, and if memory serves me correct, it was his New York Mets.  What I did or why I got the reaction I got is lost to the ages, but my brothers response was to storm into my room, grab my shoebox and pull out my Cincinnati Reds.  At this point, I know I was hysterically screaming. 

He snapped off the rubber band, and threw my Reds all over my room.  As the cards rained down, I was frantically whining for our mom to end the carnage.  Before my mom arrived, my brother reached down, and grabbed a 1981 Topps Charlie Leibrandt.  He then stood up and tore it right in half.  I’m sure I lost it at that moment.  That card remained in my collection until around the turn of the millennium.  I think I finally found a replacement card and decided to trash The Leibrandt Halves.
Should have kept the original for posterity

Soon our mother was there, and likely took my side, since I was the baby.  I remember her making my brother pick up all the cards and place a rubber band around them before placing them back in my shoebox.

In retrospect, I don’t know why it happened, but I can almost guarantee that it was my fault.

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