Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Customs Help

Being that I deal with professionals on a daily basis that have to fill out countless forms, applications, etc., and are expected to know how to read instructions, I have found myself flummoxed and/or lazy.

Would someone please help me figure out how to fill these dang forms out, so I can send Captain Canuck some cards?

Many thanks!


Johngy said...

I always get odd looks when I fill out those forms. PO workers don't understand why I am sending a puck or cards to Canada, let alone with some sort of return packaging. Is it a gift? No, well maybe for myself on the return trip.

Captain Canuck said...

check off the little "gift" box
in the space below, write "cards"
assign a value - $5
sign it if asked

and thanks.

night owl said...

The "total value" box always throws me. I have to look behind me and see if the Beckett Police are looking over my shoulder.

dogfacedgremlin said...

That is way different than the ones they give me. Mine have a choice for "goods". That's what I always check. But the rest, like the Captain said, is good.

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