Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Little General was a Private First Class

The Mojo Beard did a post the other day about how baseball was before you were born.  It was an interesting post, and I'm glad that I finally got sucked into the Beard.  For some reason that blog always evaded my radar, but now I'm there everyday with the rest of my Starting Nine blogs.

Anyways, the aforementioned post got me thinking about how baseball has changed, and while searching for a Johnny Bench photo for a 1984 Topps Card That Should Have Been, I stumbled across the picture above at the Cincinnati Enquirer.  I do believe that most likely in my lifetime, there will NEVER EVER be another picture of two (should be) HOFers sporting green BDUs.  I know many baseball players served in WWI, WWII and the Korean War, but I was taken aback seeing the Little General as a Private First Class.  Plus, I couldn't imagine being Charlie Hustles drill sergeant.  Phew, imagine the battles that happened there. 

Could you imagine today's superstars actually being in the military during a time of war?  I don't see anyone of them enlisting now, and I doubt we ever will.

Which makes that picture awesome beyond words!

The photo essay can be viewed here.  Some pretty sweet Play at the Plate photos, too!

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