Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26th - 2011 MLB Tuesday Tournament Update

Have you stopped holding your breath?  I know, I know, I missed last weeks update because I was out sick / on vacation.  Man, has this blog hit the tank over the past 10 months, or what?  I remember when I was full of ideas, and as Play at the Plate puts it "Witty banter."  I hope one day I can return to form because I am almost positive next to no one follows this lemon anymore.  I doubt my brother even reads this site now.

Enough of the lame banterless pity party, it is time for your 2011 MLB Tuesday Tournament Update!

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I've decided to "nerd out" my bracket even more by adding the mysterious magic number to each pairing.  I found several formulas on how to calculate this number.  Some were long and convoluted, but they all eventually break down to Games Played + 1 - Leaders Wins - Followers Losses.  In other words, 33 - W1 - L2.  Arithmetic, My Dear Bob Watson, Arithmetic.

In the span of the last two weeks, the Royals have managed to lose their awesome lead on the Red Sox due in part to so-so play from the Royals and unstoppable Boston wins.  The Orioles showed that they still are AL East cellar dwellers and are likely going to bow out this week against the Rangers.

The first projected teams to make the Sweet 16 (beside the Yanks and Rays who are on bye) are the Rockies, Phillies, Marlins, Indians (didn't see that one coming) and Rangers.  In turn, the Mets, Pirates, Dodgers, White Sox and Orioles are facing first round exits, which means, that I am toying with the idea of throwing up trade bait.  

The Suns, Jets, Bullets, Knicks and other assorted teams will be out of the free giveaway, so I thought I might offer them as trade bait.  I really have no need for the 4,000 or so basketball cards I have, plus about 4,000 football cards either I don't care to have or have doubles.  If anyone bites on the trade bait, I was looking for packs of 2011 Topps in return depending on the quality/quantity for each NBA/NFL/NHL team.  Does this sound even remotely interesting?  

I've been quietly filling out a binder of 2011 Topps and have about 20% of Series One.  I've also got a handful of shiny and about 20 inserts that I'd be willing to part with, too, if anyone is interested.  Apparently Topps thinks central North Carolina is a good place to send Dodger cards because I've pulled at least one Dodger insert on every pack.  That will get at least two bloggers attention.

Hopefully I will post something between now and next Tuesday.  :-(


Play at the Plate said...

I'm still reading. I like the witty banter. Post when you post. We'll read it when you write it. I've got dupes of series 1 I'll trade you for those shiny parallels. Let me know.

night owl said...

Kids, you always read to the bottom of posts.

So, what kind of Dodger inserts did you pull, hmmmmm?

Jon said...

Hey Bro!

I do check this blog. I like the tournament. Looking forward to the Fish beating the Dodgers.

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