Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diamond Mining - Part IV - 26 Trades and Counting

Last I left you, I was whittling my way backwards in time with two lowly cards.  I greet you today with six cards for trade in my Diamond Giveaway "collection (The Diamond Die Cut is not included in this experiment).  As the title suggests, I've now completed 26 trades with each trade being the current year for the previous year.  My "system" appears to be working, and I can't wait to share it when I've reached the conclusion.  

For the sake of space and loading a ton of pictures, I've created a graphic of what has been accomplished.  See for yourself.

 Click to enlarge

In short, here's the breakdown:
  • 2002 A.J. Pierzynski has become a 1988 Nolan Ryan
  • 1977 Rod Gilbreath has become a 1975 Dave Hilton
  • 1974 Freddie Patek has become a 1971 Ollie Brown
  • 1979 Jim Norris has become a 1976 Vada Pinson
  • 2006 Andy Marte has become a 2002 Greg Vaughn
  • 2009 Ervin Santana has become no one.  Nobody wants him!!  Someone hit me up for a 2008 Topps!
I almost did break the rules, though.  Apparently a 1988 Nolan Ryan is a hot item to some.  I've had offers of vintage 60s goodness for that card and had to turn it down.  Sometimes I hate that I follow the rules...

Drop a comment if you want to help out or just to wish me luck!


Nathan said...

Sorry, I already traded both my '08s. If you can break your one-year-at-a-time rule I can help you out, though :)

Don said...

I have managed to turn my one 1990 card of some Brave I have never heard of into a 1973 White Sox checklist. I have a method to my madness also, but will not share. Still looking to trade down to see how far into the 60s I can get.

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