Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24th - 2011 MLB Tuesday Tournament Update

Today is a day of reckoning.  A day that has nothing to do with baseball, however, everyone here is on the edge of their seats.  It's the bottom of the ninth.  Two out, two on.  Two strikes and down by one. 

We're waiting for the next pitch.  Sweat hanging precariously on our brow.  We're anticipating the sting in our eyes, thus blurring our vision.  What will the pitch be?  Were will the ball come from?  Over the top?  Three quarters?  Fastball or curve?  Look for the seams, dammit.

In about 15 minutes the Senate releases their budget.  Some of us have already been notified we're being released.  Some of us are just plain waiting.  I wonder who will be the lucky ones?  Those going home or those left to shoulder the load?

Time will tell.

But while we wait, here's this weeks standings.  Almost every match-up is a dead heat at the halfway point of the second round, save for the Ginas who are making pebbles out of the Rocks.

Until next time, which will either be a lot of time, or none at all.

1 comment:

BrerSkwerl said...

Can't tell if it's a foul tip or strike three, but if it's strike three, let's hope the catcher drops the ball, and we are fast enough to run to first on the strikeout...

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