Thursday, May 5, 2011

Diamond Mining - Part II - Monkey Wrenched

Somebody just had to go and throw a monkey wrench into my Diamond Mining Adventure.  I have a gut feeling somebody read my blog and then search the 2000 Fred McGriff on the Giveaway and then offered me a trade.

Why else would somebody offer me a 1976 Topps for a 2000 Topps?

Man, dilemmas abound!  It's awfully tempting to pull that trigger, but it goes against what I was setting out to do, which is to "mine" back one year at a time.  I figured I'd have better luck turning McGriff into another star, then another, then another, and then possibly have a HOFer around 1987 or 1988.

If someone read this blog and offered this trade, I am flattered, but unless you can add a 1999 star or semi-star, I may have to decline.  Oh, the angst!  Man, I love me some 76 Topps, but I have them all.  Can Hale get me deep into the 50s or 60s, or should I continue plodding along year by year with the hopes the Crime Dog can eventually land me a HOFer around '87 or so, which I could parlay into an early 80s star, etc.

What should I do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well, time took care of this one for me.  The Hale offer was gone the next time I logged in, however, I was offered a '99 Johnny Damon, so I took that one.  Now I'm on the hunt for a '98 star...

1 comment:

Nathan said...

This is a great idea, I was going to do the exact same thing but I pulled a 1976 Claudell Washington with my one-and-only code card and I've become way to attached to trade it away :)

Good luck!

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