Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 MLB Tournament Update - 2nd Round Complete

While not all of the 32 games have been played this round, each match-up has been decided.  The Elite Eight consists of the following duels:

(6) Cardinals versus (2) Giants
This ought to be a good series with considerable drama thanks to St. Louis' hot streak and the Poser-less Giants.  I'm anticipating a tournament rule change request any day now from Mr. Sabian.

(4) Braves versus (1) Phillies
The Braves are my bet to take this series.  The Phils were lackluster against the Marlins, but since the Marlins TANKED the second round, the Fightin' Phils made it into the next round.  If both teams get players back from the DL and keep them off the DL, this should be a humdinger.

(14) Mariners versus (2) Yankees
On paper, one would immediately say the Yanks have this one in the bag, but I'm not so sure.  The Mariners can't possibly stay this hot for long, but the Yanks aging lineup and their abyssmal rotation and injury woes will make this one close.  Too close to call.

(4) Rangers versus (1) Rays
I call this series the Redemption Series.  In a matchup of last years ALDS, the Rays look to reek vengence on the Rangers.  My heart says Rays, but my mind says Rangers.

This round should be closely watched.  If you make it out of this round into the Final Four, you've got a 75% chance of getting free cards.  A LOT of free cards.  Here are the remaining players and their NBA, NFL and NHL selections.

MLB Team Contestant NBA NFL NHL
Braves MCT Hawks Falcons Thrashers
Cardinals Diamond King Magic Patriots Kings
Giants Mark Lakers Steelers Penguins
Mariners Mariner1 Sonics Seahawks Sharks
Phillies Dan Sixers Eagles Flyers
Rangers PatP Mavericks Cowboys Stars
Rays Dayf Hawks Falcons Blackhawks
Yankees DawgBones Sixers Vikings Flyers

1 comment:

BrerSkwerl said...

I am calling the Mariners upset over the Skankees... DISCLAIMER: The fact that the Mariners drafted half of my Wahoos has no bearing on this prediction...

Speaking of which, if my boys weren't playing at the same time, I considered calling to see if you were wanted to wcheck out Chapman in his rehab...

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