Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crazy Collection Break Idea

I've mentioned in passing that our family plans on moving to a smaller house in the near future.  I am almost positive that storage will be an issue.  Storage for baseball cards will be an extreme issue. 

My wife has already clearly stated that the old collection will be low on the priority list for closet space.  Under the bed?  Nope.  Top of the closet?  Nope.  On the dining room table?  Not on your life.

So, I guess one of the thoughts I've been kicking around is breaking all of my doubles and singles I do not want from 1986 (81 for Fleer and Donruss) to around 2000 down into team lots.  What I'm curious about is if anyone would even want these.  I think that all I'd ask for is the shipping price to be covered, which would probably be a priority mail box.  I guess those run $10 to $15 to ship depending on the size of the box, and that isn't too bad to get cards of your favorite team.  Even though, I'd likely not go to extremes to box them in 800 count boxes.

Problem is, these aren't vintage cards, nor are they new shiny cards.  Another catch is I REALLY don't feel like picking doubles out, so you'd run the risk of landing twelve 1987 Topps Rich Yetts (I'm looking square at you Night Owl!).  Third catch is that I'd take singles of the Padres and keep all my Gwynns - so those would be some thin pickins'.

Am I crazy for thinking this?  Would anyone even remotely be interested in landing a ton of cards of their favorite team for 10 to 15 bucks?  I could even throw in football, basketball and hockey cards, too.


PS - I am a little hesitant about this idea, so don't take this post as a done deal.  I am just trying to gauge interest.  Ok?



I'm always interested in more Tribe cards !!

Morgan said...

Would love Phillies!

Axemanohio said...

I'm sure there's enough Indians for both of us. I'll take what Dad doesn't want.


- potch said...

I've wondered the same thing. I'd like to thin out some of my collection of non-fave teams and exchange them with other collectors in even swaps for Reds, Cubs or Tigers (maybe even White Sox, Brewers or Pirates).

But as for your question posed here, I might have an interest in picking up your Reds if you pursue this.

Tim said...

I'd be interested in your Cards cards.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about doing the same thing actually. But I'm just too lazy to get around to doing it.

Always looking for Reds, I would probably be willing to pay for shipping.

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