Friday, June 10, 2011

New Blog Design & Name

You'll notice this blog has undergone a massive overhaul.  The change is still a work in progress, so please bear with me.

While I am making the changes, feel free to praise or complain.  I like constructive feedback!

Obviously my biggest concern is the ability to read the post text over the Jack Murphy background.  I am very interested in your feedback on this!

Oh yeah, and somebody make a trade offer for my Joe Orsulak!  Read four posts down...  

Doc T


Nathan said...

I like the new name and design, very nice.

It's fairly readable for me, although it does get a little trickier when the text is over the crowd. It's worth it, though, 'cause the background image is sweet :)

I'm on chrome, if that matters.

night owl said...

It's a little unreadable, but not anything that would make me click off (maybe on a longer post, I don't know).

Overall, it's an improvement. Even that ballpark isn't bringing it down!

Anonymous said...

I can read it fine. But it definitely looks better then before. Nothing like adding a little color to your blog!

Tee 4 Tomiwa said...

could you please tell the html code you used for adding drop down menus to your tabs and customizing you tabs.

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