Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thorzul's Nightmares on Cardboard

For two years straight, I did not enter Thorzul's Nightmares on Cardboard contest.  Although it wasn't from a lack of trying or desire, it just so happens the spirits did not want me to enter.  Not that I ever had much of a chance based on PunkRockPaint's winning entry this year, but I am still stuck with them damn cards.

I started on these cards two years ago, just after Halloween 2009.  I was so impressed by the entries that year, that I thought I should give it a go.  I'd already been making custom cards, and thought, why not enter?

A year later, Halloween was fast approaching.  I was printing my cards and preparing to iron paraffin onto a custom made wrapper, when all hell broke lose.  First, Thorzul, in his Pabst Blue Ribbon rage decided to in essence ban all 1975 Topps entries.  Shit.  Two, I ended up spending most of the month of October with my father in intensive care.

I was going to ignore Thorzul's "rules" because I thought he'd like the design, since I did pretty much cater to his favorites.  Yet, that whole father in the hospital episode pulled me right out of collecting/blogging, and I've never really recovered from that.

Fast forward to Halloween 2011.  I still have the cards.  They are still sitting there wrapped in wax and waiting for the contest.  Thorzul opens the entries and the one requirement is "NO TOPPS." Double shit.
I sent Thorzul an email practically begging to bend the rules.  Nope, no-can-do.  "Rules are rules."  His classroom must be awfully close to the Governor's Mansion and all that bad mojo is corroding his wonderfully twisted mind.

In the end, I'm still sitting on a pack of custom cards that I haven't seen the light of day since late 2009.  Triple shit.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll somehow be preemptively disqualified in 2012, so I'll just start showing those cards here.  Behold the one and only wax pack of Terror Cards - '75 Whacks Pack Serial One in the world!


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