Friday, December 14, 2012

1980 Topps: The Ambush of Obi Wan Kenobi

While remaking the blog, I discovered that I had a few posts still in draft form.  Posts from 2009 that for some reason have never seen the light of day.  Well, after reading them, I know why they haven't seen the light of day, because they suck harder than a vacuum cleaner with a sock stuck in the brush.  But, that won't prevent me from unleashing a few of the "not so bad" ones.  I guess this is sort of like my own Beatles Anthology release...  

What: 1980 Topps Wax Pack
When: Summer of 1980
Where: Tierrasanta, CA
Price: 25 cents
Quantity: 15 cards
Unit Price: Approximately 2 cents
Back in the late spring and summer of 1980, my parents would take me to watch my older brother play in his little league games. At that time, my brother was a monster on the diamond, measuring close to 6 feet tall, while still only 10 or 11 years old. I still remember the one and only home run I ever saw him hit, which was a moon shot to left field, probably in 1982 when I think he played for the Giants.

Well, while my brother played (I didn’t start playing until 1982 when I broke into the Little Leagues on the mighty Green Phillies), my parents would let me wander off and play in the sand (i.e., the bullpen mound). On one occasion to help tide over a 5 year old for a few hours, they bought me a 1980 Topps wax pack from the snack shack at the field. I took my pack of cards and ran off to the bullpen mound to play with my Obi Wan Kenobi and R2D2 figures.

While playing, I opened the pack of cards, popped the gum and for some inexplicable reason began to chew on the top right corner of the cards. I didn’t chew on all of the cards, but some unlucky few were victim to my cusped gnashing (perhaps I had already spit the gum out because as we all know, they weren’t flavor lasting).

As my brother’s game wore on, Obi Wan Kenobi and the faithful R2D2 were crossing the great Tatooine desert (i.e., the bullpen mound) when they came under attack from Sand People! Not having any Sand People figures, the 1980 Topps cards were drafted as an imaginative substitute. I remember how I would throw the cards at Obi Wan trying to knock him down, while likely making blaster sounds. During an intense fire fight, Obi Wan was finally struck down by one of the cards, I mean Sand People, yet R2D2 managed to roll to freedom.
With Obi Wan lying motionless on the ground, I found it necessary for the Sand People to bury his body. Around that time, the game ended, my parents called for me and I grabbed my cards and R2D2. Not until we were on our way home did I remember that Obi Wan was still lying buried on the bullpen mound. At the next game, I frantically ran over to the mound to search for the fallen Jedi, but to no avail. Obi Wan had resurrected, or most likely been found by another kid.

Anyways, I guess I owe my brother a 1977 Kenner Obi Wan Kenobi figure, since it was his figure I had lost. They go for $3 on eBay, so maybe that would be a nice birthday gift.

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BrerSkwerl said...

I have a Matchbox car with a similar story... As a lad of eight, my sister (age 6) threw my favorite Indy-style car (tail-finned, exposed engine block with pipes, scooped-down hood...) into I poule of leaves (a jump-worthy pile, mind you...) at my uncle's house... I searched the leaves, but alas, no luck. Crying didn't help, not did plaintive pleas to my uncle to please check after the leaves were removed (burned, blown, however...). To this day, when reminded of it, I still think about taking a metal detector over to the farm (now no longer in family hands), to see if I can find that toy...

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