Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 MLB Tournament Prizes

For the 2013 MLB Tournament, there will be 30 prizes available, however, only the tournament winner will receive a prize.  I have personally selected one card from my collection (or soon to be in my collection) for each franchise.  

In previous incarnations of this tournament, bloggers have snatched up their favorite teams without a moment’s hesitation.  This resulted in some of the less popular or poorer performing franchises in never being selected.  Because of this, the “quality” or “value” of the 30 franchise cards will be on a sliding scale.  Those teams with a higher chance to win the tournament will have a lesser “valued” card, and those teams with a Cinderella’s chance of winning will have a much, much, much higher “valued” card.  I hope this tempting bait will make some of you have second thoughts about picking your favorite team in lieu of a sweet, sweet card. 

Confused?  Here is an example: If you select the highly favored Los Angeles Dodgers, then your winning prize would be a 1968 Don Sutton.  If you select a dark horse like the Chicago White Sox, then your prize would be a 1959 Luis Aparicio.  Get it?   

Here are the potential prizes ranked from best chance of winning to least.  Please note prizes are being announced in batches of five between now and when seeds will be available for selecting.

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