Saturday, December 29, 2012

Almost There!

It's a sleepy, rainy Saturday afternoon and Voltron is playing on the Blu-Ray for my five year old.  I find the circle of life interesting.  Perhaps (most likely) I am influencing my son, but I find it fascinating that he enjoys the cartoons and hobbies that I did when I was a child.  

Anymore, when I'm not pursuing my personal albatross of completing each Topps set from 1952 to present, I am building sets with my kids.  That's why if you glance to your left, you'll notice the "Almost There!" section showing how close we are to finishing several sets.  

Most of those sets I completed long ago, but due to a tremendous supply of doubles, triples, and even Bip-esque masses of cards, we are working on finishing even more sets.  Every once in a while, you'll see me put up a "Wanted!" post, and those are for sets either I or we are working on.  Those posts are then tabbed on the "Wanted!" drop down menu at the top right of the blog.

If a set is over 90% complete, I add that want list to the "Almost There!" section in hopes some good souls will help us out on our quest.  Like I said before, there are plenty of dupes and singles that I have no desire to keep.  So, if you'd like to trade sometime let me know.  If you'd just like to send some junk wax my way to finish a set, that would be cool, too.

Time to go, Pidge is about to get into the Green Lion... 

1 comment:

night owl said...

I have to get out from under a bunch of trades that have been delayed because of the holiday. Once I do that, I'll see what I've got for you.

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