Monday, December 17, 2012

Background Noise - 1990 Upper Deck Jerald Clark

This is the third in a series dedicated to everything that people do not focus on when looking at a baseball card.  Therefore, this new series is aptly named Background Noise.


At first glance, Jerald Clark’s 1990 Upper Deck card is not jam packed with excitement.  The photograph is a poor angle, giving us an exquisite view of Mr. Clark’s right nostril and the green belly of his brim.  Forced perspective makes his right arm look like Popeye’s and his head shrunken.  All in all, it’s a terrible card of Jerald taking time to sign autographs for fans.

The viewer has no idea where this photograph is taken.  It’s obviously not Jack Murphy Stadium, since he is wearing his road uniform.  Plus, the only reason why it’s apparent that this photograph wasn’t taken in a supermarket parking lot is the foul pole behind his right fist and the smidgen of light stanchion peeking behind his right shoulder.  All that’s left is the clear Dodger Blue sky, and what appears to be a third arm protruding from Jerald’s abdomen.  Wait, what?  Ooh, a cameo.  Who could it be?

Well, if you for some reason happen to have the 1990 Upper Deck set in a binder (awkward whistling), go backwards two cards for your answer.  Why, that’s not Kuato protruding from Jerald Clark, it is Greg Harris.  Not Greg A. Harris or Gene Harris, but Greg W. Harris.  Greg Walker, Texas Ranger, Wade Harris.

Now the rest of the story can be told.  Messer’s Harris and Clark are at good old Chavez Ravine, signing autographs for the legions of Padre faithful that populate the Los Angeles basin (all two or three of them). 

To me, these cards signify how far Upper Deck fell after its inaugural set.  The slick and inventive imagery of the 1989 set quickly degraded to two near identical cards with an awful photo angle; pictures that were snapped within mere seconds of each other; and then placed almost side by side in the set.  Reminds of a Fleer gimmick


gcrl said...

dang. now i need a 1990 ud greg harris card for the dodger stadium binder.

welcome back.

Doc said...

GCRL - I've got one if you'd like me to send it your way.


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