Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Customer is Always Left...

In the cold, shivering.

Over the years, I have read posts about Topps Customer Service, and I always chalked the bad reviews up as a fluke.  I mean, c'mon, it's Topps!  They're supposed to be the best!  Right?  Isn't that why I've supported them for 30+ years?  Isn't that why Santa always brought me a Topps set, and not a Fleer or Donruss?

Apparently, the previous bad experience posts were not aberrations.  I am sad to say that I am now the recipient of bad, no, make that horrendous customer service from Topps.  Let's recap...

During the 2011 Diamond Giveaway promotion, I unlocked enough codes and dug up enough "virtual" rings to redeem a $10 e-gift card for the Shop Topps store.  I redeemed the code, and was notified that the certificate would be sent to my email.  

I waited a few days.  Nothing.  I waited two weeks.  Still nothing.  Now the promotion was about to end, you know, on June 31, 2012.  Anyways, I grew nervous and sent customer support an email.  Two weeks later I received a response saying that each code was manually entered and that it would take 10 to 12 weeks from redemption to receive the code.  Uh, ok.

So, this puts the certificate's ETA at October 2012.  October rolls around, and nothing.  I send another email to Topps' customer support and receive the same canned answer, 10 to 12 weeks.

December rolls around and still no certificate in my inbox.  I email Topps again.  This time, they're closed due to Hurricane Sandy.  Hmm, ok.

I call their customer support number.  No one answers.  It goes to voicemail, and then the line goes dead.  No voice mail.  I tried this five times with the same result each time.

Finally, I try their Facebook page.  Any response?  What do you think?

I guess I should kiss my $10 gift certificate goodbye.  Another reason to only collect vintage because vintage won't break your heart.

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