Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's So Funny?

Uni-Watch has the inside scoop on the new MLB batting practice hats (read: money grab).  Some of them are pretty cool like the Rays' Sunburst, throwback Brewers, and the A's Elephant.  But then there is this...

The return of the "screaming savage."  I can't say I ever thought he was screaming or a savage.  He always appeared to be laughing to me.  Perhaps he was watching early 80s Brave baseball [skip caray voice] on TBS [/skip caray voice].

Given my affinity for Native American culture, I'd much prefer to see the proposed logo replaced with the Braves feather logo they wore on the shoulders back in the 70s. 

What do you think?


Captain Canuck said...

people need to give their head's a collective shake, calm down and grow up.
If we spent half the time we spend on not trying to offend anybody anywhere ever on cancer research, we'd all be living to see 130.

It's a baseball team logo.

I'm quite sure everyone has something more important they could be doing rather than holding rally's and starting petitions to stop a hat.

If you want to make a positive influence in the world, go volunteer, spend time with your kids, shovel your neighbours driveway....

why is this even news??? We have lunatics shooting up schools, setting traps for firemen, selling drugs to our kids on the schoolyard, and what are we talking about? A hat.

Priorities people.

thanks for the rant.

Doc said...

Feel free to rant anytime!


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