Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 MLB Tournament Prizes #16 through #20

I'm over the shock of yesterday, and I've done my part by observing a moment of blog silence for most of the day.  The shop is open a few more days, so that gives me some anxiety filled time to decided whether or not I want to do something completely insane...

Anyways, it's time to return to our regularly scheduled programming and reveal the next batch of potential prizes for the 2013 MLB Tournament!

As noted previously, there will be 30 prizes available, however, only the tournament winner will receive a prize.  The prizes consist of one card from my collection for each of the 30 teams. Seeds are not open for claiming, and the prizes are based on a sliding scale using Las Vegas' odds for winning the 2013 World Series.

For further information, check out the original 2013 MLB Tournament announcement, as well as the reveals of Prizes #1 through #5, Prizes #6 through #10 and Prizes #11 through #15

This week the prizes begin to get down to the nitty gritty.  These prizes just may make you take a long-shot underdog over picking your favorite team.  Wait, is that a 1950s card of a Hall of Famer???  Let's take a look!

#16 - Odds 35/1 - NL Seed #7 1976 Topps Hank Aaron
#17 - Odds 40/1 - AL Seed #4 1965 Topps Brooks Robinson
#18 - Odds 40/1 - AL Seed #8 1959 Topps Luis Aparicio
#19 - Odds 45/1 - NL Seed #9 2002 Topps Gold Label Randy Johnson Jersey Relic
#20 - Odds 50/1 - AL Seed #11 1976 Topps George Brett

PS - Seeds are not open for request, and will not be opened until all 30 prizes have been announced.

PPS - Here is the bracket...

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Brad's Blog said...

Eagerly anticipating grabbing the team i want!

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