Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Play Nine! - 2013 Wishes

After perusing the Top Shelf to the right of this post, I noticed that many a blogger is presenting their goals for 2013.  Some are down right ambitious and admirable, while others appear to be on the fast track to defeat like most New Year's Resolutions.

Traditionally, I'm not one to set myself up for failure.  That seems to just come natural to me.  Yet, after what was a turbulent 2012 for me, I think I should just lay something out there.  I won't call them goals or expectations...how about personal wishes?
  1. Break the 365 post mark for the calendar year - Since this blog's inception, posts have been in a shotgun pattern at best.  Whether it was personal/family matters or just plain malaise, my consistency with the site has been sub-par.  For instance, I missed an entire YEAR from November 2011 until December 2012 (that story will come later when it's ready to be spun).  However, I've already been working hard at developing a scheme for consistently posting and posting well (at least well enough in my head).  For instance, I haven't missed a day since early December.

  2. Reach 100 followers - My readership has definitely suffered due to my lack of consistency and that 1 year sabbatical I took.  Of those current 76 followers, I imagine only a fraction pay any attention at all to these muses.  So, I'm setting the modest wish of 100 followers by the end of the calendar year.

  3. Recognize and Replace Series that Just Aren't Working - I'm stubborn.  Some things I write about I think are damn funny, but no one this side of the Andromeda Galaxy is getting a chuckle.  I need to stop some ideas before I can no longer see the person in front of me.

  4. Follow Through! - Too many times over the years I've either let ideas slip away (See the Out of Style section to the left).  If I'm having fun and readers seem to enjoy it, then don't be afraid to keep producing.

  5. Follow Through! - Part II - Make amends to those I most likely left hanging on a trade.  I can only think of one, but that is one too many.  Time to set that right.

  6. Trade, Trade, Trade - I won't put a number on the amount of trades I want to complete this year.  However, I can say that I want the net number of cards to favor the other collector and not me.  Guess I'll have to keep track of that one.  Gadget, anyone?

  7. Complete > 10 20 Sets - This one ought to be easy as pie, since I'm dreadfully close on so many (see Almost There!).  Oh, wait.  Did I cross out 10 and put 20?  Really?  Ok, this "wish" just got real.

  8. Finish Uncle Doc's Card Closet - Literally.  I have a closet in my house that is supposedly dedicated to my collection.  My wish is to have all the shelves installed; all the cards organized; all the set boxes labeled; and all the 3,200 and 5,000 count boxes labeled.  I won't go as far as saying that I want my entire collection digitized.  I'll save that one for 2014.

  9. Get my Hands on a 1952 Topps - I've never had one.  Probably only seen a dozen or so in person.  And while I'm not greedy, if I'm going to get one, I want this one.

So, it looks like I might need to find a magic lamp to finish off this wish list, but really, the only one I know I have to do is not on that list above.  And that's TO HAVE FUN!


Jeff Wilk said...

The card closet. Now that is something I would love to see photos of. I need to change how my cards are stored and organized, and I have zero ideas. Hope you make that project something we can follow.

Play at the Plate said...

Good luck!!

Fuji said...

Best of luck on your goals... I mean wishes. Happy New Year!

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