Monday, January 21, 2013

Special Delivery Contents!

On Friday, I posted a quick note about receiving those two monstrous packages seen above.  If you want a good laugh, go back to that post and read the comments.

Anyways, the two packages above were sent from Blowout Cards.  The contents of which have kept this collector super busy over the long three day weekend.  I'll drag out the suspense of the final product for now due to the fact that I'm bone weary tired because of those two packages, which contained...

50 - 3,000 count boxes
50 - 200 count boxes
50 - 660 count boxes
50 - 800 count boxes
and 200 penny sleeves to bump me over the free shipping threshold.  What a deal!

Combine all that and a trip to the hardware store, and I've got some great pictures to show you in the coming days!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

What!? Can't wait to see what's in there. Free shipping must have been key.

Anonymous said...

... storage enough for 233,000 cards?! What the...?!
Let's see the pics!

Brian said...

We're all filled with anpicatation!

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