Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tomorrow is Not the Day of Reckoning

If you are expecting me to mount my soap box and let forth a venomous tirade about the merits of players who (possibly) used Performance Enhancing Drugs being elected to the Hall of Fame tomorrow, then you will be disappointed.  For against our warm, nostalgic memories of those greats from long ago, lies the the mottled backdrop of many already enshrined, yet we speak of their sins in hushed tones or never at all.

True Judgement cannot be cast at the hands of 500 or so electors.  

You know who were your favorites.  You know who belongs in your Hall of Fame.

That is all that matters.    


This is today's ESPN front page, and apparently they did not get my memo.  Sensational journalism at it's best, and why I typically avoid media outlets.


1 comment:

Brad's Blog said...

Quite a sign! Would definitely get you kicked out today!

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