Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Wishes – January Update

I cannot believe I made it a whole month.  I posted every day for a month.  This is unheard of for me, and you better believe it was a challenge.  I must always remember this is my blog and is intended for my amusement, but sometimes I get stuck wondering if the blog is broken, why is no one commenting?, etc.  I just need to keep telling myself this blog is like an open diary for me to write, and for you and me to enjoy.

Anyways, since it is February 1st, I thought I’d recap my progress on my nine wishes for 2013…
  1. Break the 365 post mark for the calendar year – I posted an unbelievable (for me) 54 times in the month of January.  If I stay on this pace, I’ll wind up with 636 posts for the year, vastly exceeding my goal of 365 posts.  I won’t hold my breath…  

  2. Reach 100 followers – At the beginning of the calendar year I had 76 followers.  I’ve managed to scrape together 12 new followers in the month of January and have topped out at 88.  I still think cracking 100 will be difficult, but I am up for the challenge.

  3. Recognize and Replace Series that Just Aren't Working - I'm still stubborn.  I’ve added a new series, Pwn3d, but I’m still holding out faith in the proverbial dud known as Oh, Wow!.  It makes me chuckle and gives me a break from writing and researching.  

  4. Follow Through! – I’m in danger of screwing this one up.  The Joy of Sets and Redefine the Design serials are teetering on obscurity for me.  It takes SO much work to pull those posts together, and time is precious.  Instead of axing one of them, I’ve combined them so they will alternate week to week.

  5. Follow Through! - Part II – I’m partially making amends on the trade I never reciprocated.  I’ve got something for them, but I need to (1) fish it out of the attic and (2) actually mail it!  This will get done soon so I can ease my conscience.

  6. Trade, Trade, Trade – Made two trades during January, and I’ve already forgotten the name of one of the guys (damn!).  As for the “net losing” cards promise I made to my wife, I’ve received 37 in the mail and sent 35 for a net gain of 2 cards (double damn!).  Sweet, I remember who the lost trader was, it was Chip N Dale.  He sent me some 2012s off my want list and I sent him some 2003 Topps.  I also made a squirrely 3-way trade with Johngy and Angels in Order.  Johngy sent me some cards, but they turned out to be for Angels in Order, while he got my cards in the mail.  Through the magic of the internet, we figured it all out and both AIO and I tossed some extra cards into the packages and completed the trades.  I still need to make more trades, so check out my wants!

  7. Complete 20 Sets – Knocked off 1987 Topps, 1990 Donruss and 1990 Topps Traded during January.  Man, I bet y’all are jealous!  I'm dangerously close to finishing several other sets, so check out my Almost There! section at the top left.

  8. Finish Uncle Doc's Card ClosetPhase I of the closet has been completed.  I have one half of a closet dedicated to sets and wax, and the other half of the closet is for singles.  I’m currently working on Phase II, which is the sorting, box labeling, labeled dividers, and box inventory.  Phase III will be putting each and every last card into a searchable database for me and YOU to enjoy! 

  9. Get my Hands on a 1952 Topps – I went to a card show a few weeks back, and I actually saw some 1952 Topps, but their price was still too high for my blood.  While I didn’t land a 1952 Pete Runnels, I did pick up these four Runnels’ cards for $8 total.  

Oh, and I'm still having fun, but y'all need to comment more :-)


Potch said...

It's been a pleasure to discover your fine blog. Thanks for sharing.

Your story about the LCS was very moving. Such a shame.

Doc said...

Thanks, Potch! I added your blog to my list on the right, so I'll be sure to check your posts out daily.


BrerSkwerl said...

You are not going to count our '2000 for 1.5' trade (consummated technically in January if not delivered until today) in your tally? I'm trying to help keep Mrs. Doc from busting your hump, so inflate those numbers when the opportunity presents itself... ;)

You will get to 100 followers easily, I predict. As one of probably the more 'casually' collecting of your readers, I suppose I'm also trying to inject that slightly different perspective in my comments; I think/bet that is why you don't see as many comments as you'd expect, because just like with most discussions/topics (like most of fb), unless you are throwing something controversial out, people feel agreement is redundant. Sort of like you said, nobody argues with the diary side. And, there are probably plenty of lurker-readers out there, just being lazy but wil eventually follow...

Finally, I am trying to support, nay promote, your 'Oh, WOW!' series (even if through semi-dry sarcastic humor...?) In doing my part, I again want to observe that you have given me, retroactively another reason why I never rooted for the Orioles as a youngster.

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