Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Wishes – February Update

Another month down and another month with at least one post every day. I wonder how much longer this prolific streak will last? I’m hopeful it will keep on going as the regular season is ONE MONTH away, and that should keep me interested even if (gasp) the cards don’t always. 

Anyways, it’s March 1st and I gather I should follow up to last month’s update on my 2013 wishes…
  1. Break the 365 post mark for the calendar year – The short month of February still saw me post 49 times, which was a good showing after January’s 54 posts. At this pace, I’m eying 637 posts for the calendar year, which vastly exceeds my goal of 365 posts. At this rate, I might even be able to afford a vacation from the blog…Nah.

  2. Reach 100 followers – I started with 76 followers, added 12 more in January, and am now up to 94 at the end of February. That 100 follower goal is looking good with 10 months to go! 

  3. Recognize and Replace Series that Just Aren't Working – I’ve pretty much fallen off the “serial” bandwagon the past week or so. I’m enjoying the freedom of posting about whatever random thought is cruising through my neurons, but since I know me, I’ll be back to serial work as soon as I get stymied. 

  4. Follow Through! – The Joy of Sets has been officially canceled and relegated to the Out of Style section. Too much work on a severely limited time schedule. 

  5. Follow Through! - Part II – Still haven’t finished the trade that gnaws at me. Bad Uncle Doc. 

  6. Trade, Trade, Trade – Made half of two trades in February. Sent some Fleer Excel cards to Angels in Order, and 14 lbs 10 oz. of minor league cards to Carl Crawford Cards. These trades should wrap up soon. As for the “net losing” cards promise I made to my wife, I think I’ve safely obliterated that goal, as the package I sent CCC contained over 3,400 cards in his favor. Ain’t no way I’m going to receive that many cards in the mail this year. 

  7. Complete 20 Sets – Knocked off zero sets in February, even though I picked up over 50,000 cards for the month.  Either way, I’m still stuck at three for the year, which is 17 short of my goal. Check out my Almost There! section at the top left if you want to help knock off some low hanging fruit. 

  8. Finish Uncle Doc's Card ClosetPhase I is completed.  As for Phase II, I have a lowly 8% of my cards sequentially ordered, and in super-shoes with dividers. I've got a long way to go before I can start the electronic database.

  9. Get my Hands on a 1952 Topps – I didn’t venture to a card show, nor cruise eBay, so this goal is still spinning its wheels. Although, I am still holding my breath for this card...   

Here is the original 2013 wishes write-up if you need help understanding this post.

1 comment:

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Dude, I got caught up today and didn't mail your package. Ugh.

That said, knock #9 off your list. It won't a a Runnels, but it'll be cool!

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