Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doesn't Anyone Like the Mets?

When I was preparing the 2013 MLB tournament, I made a side bet with myself as to which team would be the last one selected.  I should have put money on that bet because I'd be rich!  Rich, I tell you!  As you can guess, I had selected the Mets to be the last team chosen because (on paper) they are going to be awful this year.  Granted, I could be way off on my personal prediction, but on a team where the second highest paid position player is Bobby Bonilla, I think the cellar awaits.

I'll let that last statement sink in for a moment...

Anyways, there is only one spot left in my free 2013 MLB Tournament, and only a handful of days left to sign up!  If you want to join in the fun, leave a comment with your selection and your "entry fee" (i.e., whether you'll mention my tournament on your blog, or add my blog to your blogroll).  Here are the contest rules and prizes.

The last team available is the Mets (#12), and here is the awesome card you could win if the Mets somehow pull of a miracle!

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