Friday, March 8, 2013

Free Advice for Cheap Baseball Fans Like Me

For Christmas this year, I unexpectedly received a Kindle Fire HD from my wife.  She knew I always wanted an e-reader because I was interested in using the reader to rent library books.  Well, turns out the fully loaded e-reader was on sale, so now I spend little time reading books from the library, and most of my time watching movies, listening to the radio and playing with the apps.

Since I have a desk job, I am (un)fortunate enough to have the ability to listen to the radio while I work.  For a brief moment, I toyed with the thought of getting the MLB Premium package for my Kindle Fire.  I could watch any game I wanted, whether on my tablet or on my Blu-Ray player at home.  Problem is that I am one cheap SOB.  You know, they guy who waits for your package to arrive so I can reuse it to send cards back to you (not always, but I like it when my trade partner sends the same packaging back that I sent first).

Ok, so it's established that I have a firm grip on my dimes.  This is a problem if I want to get the MLB Premium mobile package because it's $120+ for the season.  Hmm.  Umm. How about no.

So, as a work-around, I've downloaded the MLB At-Bat Lite version for my Kindle Fire, which is free, gloriously free.  I can follow scoreboards and box-scores at the drop of a dime (whoops, better pick up that dime).  I can watch the "Free Game of the Day," too.  Which I think is a good way to diversify my baseball following (not just Padres and Rays).

Not satisfied with this set-up, I also downloaded I Heart Radio.  Now I can have the box score up and listen to the market radio broadcast.  I can stream WDAE and listen the Rays while I work.  I've even bookmarked some of the team's AM radio stations on I Heart Radio, so I can listen to most games while I work.  Added benefit is that I'm not streaming on my work computer.  Sweeeet.

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