Thursday, March 28, 2013

LCS Gift - The Card-Well

During my last visit at my local card shop, one of the “going out of business” presents I got was a Card-Well. Initially, I was hesitant to accept this gift from the store owner. Not because I thought it was lavish, but because I saw it as a clunky piece of plastic that took up space and saved little time. I was so wrong! 

Check out that HOT & SEXY 1990 Donruss action!

True, it is a clunky piece of flimsy plastic, but it is like a Godsend for sorting cards. If you find yourself sorting tons of cards, you have GOT to get one of these. The Card-Well has 10 deep containers at the back of the tray for breaking cards out by 100s (or 10s if you’re sorting your 1987 Topps). In front of the 10 deep containers are 10 shallow ones, which are for sorting cards in 10s. You can also use the shallow trays to sort by individual card number once you’ve sorted by 100s and 10s. 

What’s awesome about the 10 smaller trays is that when you sort by individual card, you can tell exactly what cards you’re missing. No thumbing through a stack of cards, while fiddling with a pencil or keyboard. This way it’s simple! If the tray slot is empty, you don’t have that card…write down missing card number with free hands! 

Alright, this is starting to sound like a commercial, but it’s not. I’m just gushing about how awesome this card sorting tray is. Besides the great functionality of the tray, it comes with “directions.” I never knew I needed directions before on how to sort baseball cards...seems rather intuitive. Anyways, check out these instructions! 

The Card-Well proclaims that you will do "no more sorting on the floor, table or bed..."  So, even though you're using the Card-Well, aren't you still sorting cards on the floor, table or bed just in a tray?  Perhaps I'm supposed to spice up my sort-life by doing it on the washing machine, stairs or front porch?

Another laughable description is that the tray is "Laptop Size."  Are we talking computer laptops or lap tops?  The tray is a rather unwieldy thing, sizing in at around 2 foot by 3 feet.  I know laptops were big back in the early 90s, but not that big.  And no way is it lap top size because if it was, I'd have to be so large that I wouldn't have a lap!

Also, I am a worrier about space when it comes to my closet, so I was happy that I could just hang the Card-Well on the wall of my closet.

So, if you don't have one, check Craigslist, and you should be able to find one on-the-cheap.  Wait, what is that silver thing above the Card-Well?  Is that a shelving brace?  Hmm, I sense a future post coming about Phase II of Uncle Doc's Card Closet...


The Lost Collector said...

That actually is pretty damn cool. Never seen one.

CaptKirk42 said...

Very Very Very Cool. I definitely NEED One.

Fuji said...

Damn... you own the super deluxe version. My Card Well only has the basic ten trays. You scored big time!

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