Friday, March 22, 2013

My Battle with Topps - Victory and Defeat in One Breath

During the wildly successful 2011 Topps Diamond Giveaway, I earned a $10 credit to the Online Topps Store.  I earned this credit for unlocking 7 or 8 codes and digging up "rings."  I earned this credit in March...of 2012.

For the past YEAR, I have been trying to obtain my $10 credit redemption code.  I was originally told it would take 6 to 8 weeks to process the codes.  Uh, ok, seems a bit long to email a code, but alright.

6 to 8 MONTHS later, I ended up in a customer service war with Topps because I still hadn't received my $10 credit.  This merry-go-round with "Vincent" went on for several more months, and somehow ended up heading down the road of an alternate redemption card, even though I hadn't won a redemption card.  Ugh.

Then, finally, earlier this week, the ice pack began to melt.  I received an email that my code would be sent out this week.  WHAT IS THIS YOU SAY?

Wow, I was flabbergasted.  Down right Gobsmacked.  Could it be?  Would I finally prevail in my year long war with Topps?

Turns out, I did win.  I received the code this morning.  Sweet, sweet victory!  I ran with my $10 credit coupon directly to the Topps Store where I found about four item less than $10, with the most interesting being a 2012 Topps Archive Jumbo Pack for $5.29.  That's a bit rich, but heck, it's free!

Then I went to the checkout page, where Topps swiftly kicked me in the nuts, pushed me over and stole my victory from my clenched, writhing fists.

$12.99 shipping for a PACK OF BASEBALL CARDS?!?!?  Screw you, Nu-Topps.


arpsmith said...

I wish I could say this surprises me...

cynicalbuddha said...

Ha you've been Toppsed. Let's see if the phrase catches on.

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