Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 MLB Tournament - Week #2 Update

We've made it to the second week, and a handful of teams are starting to run away with their match-ups.

The Braves have the luck of the draw.  Not only are they off to an 11-1 start, they're paired up against the 2-10 Marlins.  The Braves have a magic number of 12, which means Coot Veal and the Veal Tones are skating on some mighty thin ice.

The other laugher on the books is the woeful beat down of the Padres as the hands of the Dodgers.  Carlos Quentin must have been paying attention to the 2013 MLB Tournament, and decided to spark some fire into the Swinging Friar's chances by breaking Zack Greinke's collarbone during a brawl caused by a weak HBP.    

Every other pairing is pretty much up in the air, except for the Astros.  I have nothing to say about the Astros.  Nothing.  Well, maybe except that I'm 1.13 Altuve's tall.

Next week may see our first team to advance to the second round.  Keep checking out the scoreboard, which is updated daily at the top righthand side of your screen!

1 comment:

hiflew said...

Gotta love the luck. Only 2 NL team with a better record than my Rockies and I am matched up against one of them. Closer than I thought though, especially after the Giants sweep last week.

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