Thursday, May 23, 2013

Colorful Characters and Communicable Diseases

Still beyond busy at work, but I've had some time late at night to cruise Listia.  I managed to pick up four cards, but it left me feeling like I was strolling the lot of a truck stop off of I-40 in the New Mexico desert at two in the morning.  A place abound with colorful characters and communicable diseases.  

The sort of place where your mother warned you to keep your hands to yourself, not because you'd break something, but because you'd catch something...

Anyways, here's the scoop on what I "bought" at the Truck Stop:

For the low, low, low price of a half smashed pretzel stick on a sticky tile floor, I now have the great Johnny Mize in my collection:

Moving on to more sophisticated fare, the Wizard of Oz in all his Padres glory is now mine for a Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll.  


Now let's get into the Fancy Feast.  For the price of one of those rolling taco-rrito-dilla things that looks like it's been spinning on the broiler since gas was 86 cents a gallon, I landed Don Newcombe, albeit in a Reds uniform.

And last, but never least is Jim "Catfish" Hunter, who cost me the price of one of those roses that is actually a pair of panties.  Hmm, someone's gettin' lucky.  Thank God it's not me (see post title).  

Well that does it for this week's romp at the truck stop. 


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