Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PSA - Seeing Red

This post has nothing to do with baseball cards.  I'm just too agitated to talk about 8.75 square inches of cardboard goodness.

I found out last night that a convicted pedophile is now one of my new neighbors.  As the father of two young children, you can correctly gather that I am none too thrilled with having a registered sex offender anywhere near my home.

I have already spoken to the local authorities, and they divulged his crimes to me. **shudder**   I also learned that there are a ton of harassment laws to protect him, but little else than a heads-up for us.

Has anyone else had to deal with this situation?  If so, do you have any advice?

Figured the blogosphere was a wealth of information that went deeper than cardboard knowledge.  I will also say I'm pretty upset about this, so I can't guarantee when I'll start focusing on card posts again... 

I'll also use this post as a PSA to my fellow bloggers:

The above link is the National Sex Offender Registry.  It wouldn't hurt to know what lurks around your own home.

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