I've been collecting since I got my first San Diego Padres team set in the summer of 1979.  I have dabbled in collecting Padres and Tony Gwynn, but my true passion lies in completing sets.  I prefer to focus on pre-1974 Topps, but I would never turn down a chance to chase a junk wax set in a heartbeat.

As for the strange blog name, Doc is my nickname, and my nieces and nephews have always called me Uncle Doc.  The "closet" part came about because when my nephews were younger, my Mom would always be chasing them out of my closet when I was away at college.  My nephews would be in there rummaging through the cards, and my Mom would shoo them out saying, "stay out of Uncle Doc's closet!"

Eventually, at the suggestion of my wife, I added "Card" because "Uncle Doc's Closet" has a rather sinister and unappealing vibe to it in today's world.  Life was simpler then.  

Anyways, I have way more cards than I can possibly need/want, and my goal is to complete as many sets on my list as I can, while using my inventory to help others with their collecting needs.  I'm always open for trades!

This blog is also in its second incarnation.  Originally it was entitled "Baseball Card Recollections."  In the fall of 2011, I reached my limit with everything technological and went on a self-imposed sabbatical for a year (I may be the only person in America that does not own/use a cell phone).  I came back to the blogging world in December 2012 with a new blog design, fresh ideas and a custom URL.  Now I tend to treat the blog like a television station and have daily "programming."  I did this to keep ideas flowing, and to give me a reason to axe serials in favor of better ideas.  My blog, my rules. 

As for now, I am busy organizing my collection in the newly constructed "card closet" (see pictures below) and am in the process of creating an interactive database for the blog that readers can peruse.

Here is a right up about Phase I and Phase II of constructing Uncle Doc's Card Closet!

Thanks for stopping by!


Bill Benuzzi said...

Uncle Doc
I need a 1960 TED WILLIAMS card

Bill Benuzzi said...

Do you have a 1966 SATCHELL PAIGE

IN a few months I am going to do some of my inventory and will sell some old cards from 1960-on

Bill Benuzzi said...

MY EMAIL IS westcaostguywlb@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Uncle Doc, I have about 25 of your 1989 UD BB cards. How do you handle purchases?

Michael Zatezalo said...

Hey Uncle Doc,

I've got a number of cards from 53-64 that I'm looking to sell or possibly trade. I notice many are on your "want" list. Let me know if you are interested. mezatezalo@gmail.com


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